Our Mission

Founded in 1949 by composer and educator Martha Beck Carragan, Friends of Chamber Music of Troy, New York is a nonprofit organization that aims to expand the audience for a full range of chamber music — both the known and the new — played by world-class musicians and ensembles, many of whom we are introducing to the Capital Region for the first time.

Board of Directors

Julia Alsarraf - President
Rebecca Calos - Member
Barbara Carlson - Chair, Hospitality
Marcia Cockrell - Member
Jacqueline Crable - Deputy Treasurer
John Crable - Member
Karen Greene Secretary; Chair, Subscriptions & Donations
Kent Jones - Site Liaison
Beatrice Kovasnay - Member
Jennifer Laursen - Chair, Programming
Gary Nelson - Treasurer
Deborah Segel - Member

Honorary Members
Jenny Rao
Teresa Livingstone

Helen Bayly
Susan Blandy
Isom Herron
Alan Miller
James Modney
Robert Scher
Dawn Weinraub
Susan Wheeler

Friends of Chamber Music
PO Box 1634
Troy, NY 12181

(518) 227-1746
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